Old School Wrestling Alliance

OSWA - We Are Old School!!!

OSWA'S Roll Call Of Champions

Welcome To The Official Roll Call Of Champions Space

Of The Old School Wrestling Alliance!!!

Current OSWA Champions:

OSWA Undisputed Heavyweight Champion - Cowboy Bob Orton Jr!

OSWA Junoir Heavywight Champion - Mr. Electricity Adam Evans!

OSWA Centeral Illinois Champion - Dr. Death Steve Williams!

OSWA Tag Team Champions - VACCANT


Keep Checking Back & Check Show Results As Titles Can Change Hands


New Titiles May Be Introduced In The Future!!!

The Official Locker Room Of The OSWA

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Of The Old School Wrestling Alliance!!!

The Current OSWA Roster:

OSWA CEO - Chris Stark

Big Daddy Destruction

The Strangler Diego Corleone

Mr. Electricty Adam Evans

Mr. Excitement Brandon Keith


Mr. X Rated Kris Synz

Conner Riley

Chuck Ray

Johnny K

Temple Rain


JT Simmons

The Sultan of Slither Syn

All That Steve Boz

The Iceman Jamie Dundee

Mark Sterling

New Public Enemy Joey Grunge

The Dark Priest Gavin Moore

Bloody Harker Dirge

The Original Deadly Sin Rage


Ratt J. Flywheel

JT Simmons

Johnny Boland

Josh Powers

Morton Van Prose

The Princess Of Pain Natasha Crane

Gavin Alexander

Nick Cutler

Zach Gowen

Cowboy Bob Orton Jr.

Greg The Hammer Valentine

Outlaw Shy


The Birdman Koko B. Ware

The Ugandan Giant Kamala

Doink The Clown

Johnny Holland

Lumberjack Abe

Lumberjack Allen

Young Pistol Tracy Smothers

Gary The Night Train Jackson

Corry Catalyst



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